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COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

Custom Air Return to Work Plan

CustomAir is committed to keeping our Employees and Customers Safe. We have established an emergency committee to ensure that we are up to date and are following all Provincial and Federal Guidelines and Health Orders. We will continue to monitor and adjust as necessary.

Health Monitoring

· All Staff must complete a self assessment survey prior to starting a shift. HR is alerted of any flags or missing surveys and staff are in communication with the office if they are unwell. Any unwell staff stay home.

· We assess each situation to determine if any further action is required and who the employee may have been in contact with. For anyone that has been in contact with an individual that has COVID19, they are to contact the office so we can determine who needs to be notified.

· Temperatures are checked twice daily for any staff in the office and masks are worn in all common areas.

· Hand sanitizers and wet wipes are set up around the facility and a daily wipe down of all high touch areas is done.

Physical Distancing

· All CustomAir Staff adhere to the Distancing Guidelines. A minimum of 2 meters is maintained while on site and throughout the office.

· Technicians are to have no direct contact while on site with any customers and we have changed our policy on signatures on work orders to accommodate this.

· Our meetings have been moved to a virtual format for both office staff and our technicians.

· Packages that are delivered to the office are left in a distanced space and anyone entering the building must sign in.

· Currently we have reduced our staffing levels allowing employees to work from home to help promote physical distancing and there is communication in place for anyone needing to come in.

· Staff are working from home as much as possible and we have reconfigured our office to accommodate physical distancing.

· Technicians coming to the office are limited and only as necessary.

· Technicians follow the safety protocols that are set up at each of our suppliers.


· All technicians have been provided with masks and hand sanitizer.

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