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COVID-19 Update from CustomAir

CustomAir is committed to providing expert service to our customer partners 24/7 and we are operating at full capacity.

1. We have established an emergency committee to review the changing landscape and immediately implement changes as they appear to us.

2. As current certified safety partners of ISN Networld, Complyworks, Contractor Check and Cognibox we are following all posted safety protocols.





3. Additionally we have told our technicians that for the immediate future signed workorders will be relaxed and to make sure we avoid direct contact with people at our sites.

4. CustomAir is an essential service business looking after such locations as retirement homes, hospitals, food processors / distributors and emergency service providers on such equipment as refrigeration, plumbing, gas and heating.

5. Internally, we have expanded our work-from-home program ensuring team members have the tools needed to work and collaborate remotely and ensure our customers can continue to reach us for support

6. If any of our employees have been sick or traveled outside of the country in the past 14 days. They will not be taking on service calls and will not visit your sites.

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