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SteamWorks Brewing | Case Study

Last year Steamworks decide to expand their Burnaby brewery production capacity.

Steamworks started brewing beer out of their historic Gastown Brewpub back in 1995.

Their award winning craft beer can now be found around the globe!

With such rapid growth, came the need for a cooling expansion to keep up with their growing fermenting and lagering capacity. But it wasn’t that simple..

Steamworks needed to find a clever solution that wouldn’t take space away from the other needs of the brewery .

So they contacted CustomAir; British Columbia’s leading Mechanical Contractor.

CustomAir began designing a compact system, with a focus on efficiency and reliability.

The final design featured built-in redundancy, while having minimal replication of infrastructure.

CustomAir was able to complete the upgrades without causing Steamworks any downtime!

“The CustomAir Team was knowledgeable and determined to find the best solution for us.”

“Now we’re able to focus of the art of brewing, not worrying about whether we have the capacity for the beer we want to make!” – Steamworks Brewery

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